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Private Core Real Estate

The PREDEX site has moved. Please visit https://www.usq.com/strategies/predex-fund for up-to-date information regarding PREDEX.

PREDEX invests in institutional U.S. core real estate funds utilizing a low-cost, passive strategy, providing access to investors through the convenience of an interval fund.

There’s a reason private core real estate has long been an investment of choice among large institutions. Pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and foundations have looked to private core real estate seeking stability and potential diversification benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.1

Today, an option once limited to institutional investors is now available through PREDEX.

PREDEX is a real estate  interval fund that was created specifically for investors seeking the potential for:2

Total Returns with Consistent IncomeLow CorrelationLower Fees
Institutional investors have sought private core real estate for the opportunity to generate total returns backed by a consistent source of income.

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PREDEX offers access to an asset class that has the potential to be less volatile and less sensitive to movements in the stock market, offering the opportunity to mitigate portfolio risk.

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By investing in a more passively managed strategy, PREDEX investors avoid the higher fees often associated with active management.

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1 No amount of diversification or correlation can ensure profits or prevent losses.
2 There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives.